The Davis program has given rise to many great players, including Steve Joye, Jeff Eastham, Allen Thoe, Kevin Cissna, Taylor Lahey, Ashlin Joye and Robby Merk, and many more. Dedicated coaching from past leadership (Kevin Cissna, Mike Sintetos, Doug Huesby, Eric Halverson, Greg Marliave and Will Griffin) has matured the Davis program into what it is today. In the past, Davis ultimate has been spirited and (relatively) non-confrontational, but some would have perhaps described it as lacking that "killer" instinct. Though dedication, talent and passion were never lacking, the Davis program has struggled to post the results their impressive list of alumni would suggest. This was in part due to competitive programs like Stanford and Berkeley holding the national spotlight. With a ton of passion and perseverance, the many great players that the Dogs have produced and the dedicated coaching staff came together to propel the Davis Dogs into their recent success. After technically not qualifying for regionals in 2011, the Dogs were given a spot and regrouped to tie for 5th-placing higher at regionals than their conference championships. In 2012, the Dogs qualified for their first ever College Championships. Only one year later, the Dogs finished with a top-8 national finish, beating the #2 overall seed. This year, the Davis Dogs look to win the elusive national championship. From the distant past to recent results, the story of the Davis Program is a story of an underdog, growing and strengthening with determination and grit.